Experimental evaluation and optimization of the anaerobic digestibility of two new desert weeds for biogas production ' in 2022'

Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of a geothermal-driven multi-generation system producing power, freshwater, and hydrogen ' in 2022'

Design and optimization of a CCHDP system integrated with NZEB from energy, exergy and exergoeconomic perspectives ' in 2022'

Numerical modeling of droplets injection in the secondary flow of the wet steam ejector in the refrigeration cycle ' in 2022'

Analysis of methanol thermochemical reactor with volumetric solar heat flux based on Parabolic Trough Concentrator ' in 2021'

Investigation of a new heat recovery system for simultaneously producing power, cooling and distillate water ' in 2021'

Performance Improvement of the single slope Solar Still Using Sand ' in 2020'

ارزيابي سناريوهاي مختلف توليد و استفاده از بيوگاز در مناطق روستايي ايران با ‏استفاده از فرايند تحليل سلسله مراتبي ' in 2017'

ششمین کنگره سراسری فناوری های نوین ایران

Material recognition of objects by using ultrasonic velocities in intelligent robotics ' in 2017'

سومین کنفرانس ملی مهندسی مکانیک - عمران و فناوری های پیشرفته