Reflective Teaching Through Journal Writing: A Study on EFL Teachers’ Reflection-for-Action, Reflection-in-Action, and Reflection-on-Action ' in 2641'

Inferencing Complexity of the Iranian TEFL Ph.D. Entrance Exam under the Lens of the Construction-Integration Model of Inference Processing ' in 2021'

Rethinking English for Medical Purposes in Iran: Investigating the effectiveness of the status quo from stakeholders’ perspectives ' in 2020'

Iranian EFL Teachers’ and Learners’ Perceptions of the Principles of Critical Thinking: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study ' in 2020'

English for Medical Purposes: An Investigation into Medical Students’ English Language Needs ' in 2020'

Diagnosing L2 Learners' Development through Online Computerized Dynamic Assessment ' in 2019'

Authorial Stance-Taking and Engagement by Iranian PhD Candidates of TEFL in Writing Their Dissertations ' in 2019'

Authorial Stance-Taking and Engagement by Iranian PhD Candidates of TEFL in Writing Their Dissertations ' in 2019'

Formative Assessment of Writing (FAoW): A Confirmatory Factor Structure Study ' in 2019'

Operationalization of Formative Assessment in Writing: An Intuitive Approach to the Development of an Instrument ' in 2018'

Transcendence of Learning in an Online Computerized Dynamic Test of English Listening ' in 2018'

Translation Strategies Used in Behaviourist, Cognitive, and Constructivist Approaches to Translation Instruction ' in 2018'

The Differing Role of L2 WTC in Iranian EFL Learners’ Performance on a Computerized Dynamic Test of Writing ' in 2017'

Willingness to Communicate Orally: The Case of Iranian EFL Learners ' in 2017'

Socially Constructed Mechanism in EFL Writing: A Case Study of Scaffold Planning in a Remote Area ' in 2016'

Using Podcasts to Improve Second Language Comprehension in Iranian Language Classrooms ' in 2016'

The Effect of Lexical Inferencing on the Vocabulary Learning and Reading Comprehension of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners ' in 2016'

Question generation behavior of reflective teachers ' in 2016'

The use of compensation strategies in the Iranian EFL learners’ speaking and its relationship with their foreign language proficiency. ' in 2016'

Vocabulary learning strategy use by Iranian EFL learners across proficiency levels ' in 2016'

A Qualitative Study of Politeness Strategies Used by Iranian EFL Learners in a Class Blog ' in 2016'

The relationship between EFL learner’ extensive reading and English language proficiency. ' in 2016'

The relationship between Iranian EFL university professors’ code switching and their characteristics such as age, gender, and educational levels ' in 2016'

A Macro-level Error Analysis of Iranian Undergraduate EFL Learners’ Performance on Writing Tasks ' in 2015'

The effect of computerized dynamic assessment of L2 writing on Iranian EFL learners' writing development ' in 2015'

Use of fluid and crystallized intelligence theory to enhance prediction of learning foreign language grammar ' in 2015'

A macro-level error analysis of Iranian undergraduate EFL learners’ performance on writing tasks ' in 2015'

Comprehension breakdown: A review of research on EFL learners’ reading difficulty and problems ' in 2015'

Impact of Cornell note-taking method instruction on grammar learning of Iranian EFL learners ' in 2015'

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the Choice of Reading Strategies of Iranian EFL Learners ' in 2015'

The relationship between emotional intelligence and the choice of reading strategies of Iranian EFL learners ' in 2015'

An evaluation of questions in two ESP coursebooks based on Bloom’s new taxonomy of cognitive learning domain ' in 2015'

The role of writing strategies in English language proficiency of Iranian EFL learners ' in 2015'

A systematic review of research on questioning as a high-level cognitive strategy ' in 2015'

A Matthew effect in the case of EFL learners in junior high school in Iran ' in 2015'

Impact of Cornell Note-Taking Method Instruction on Grammar Learning of Iranian EFL Learners ' in 2015'

Collocational use: A contrastive analysis of strategies used by Iranian EFL learners ' in 2015'

Critical thinking instruction in Iran’s ELT curriculum: To be or not to be? ' in 2015'

Critical review of the models of reading comprehension with a focus on situation models ' in 2015'

Metacognitive instruction, metacognitive development, listening comprehension skill ' in 2015'

A corpus-based study of the translation of politeness strategies with emphasis on address terms ' in 2014'



The effect of collaborative vs. non-collaborative feedback on EFL learners’ written accuracy (A socio-cognitive perspective) ' in 2014'

The Effect of Dynamic Assessment on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension ' in 2014'

The effects of cultural familiarity on reading comprehension of Iranian EFL learners ' in 2014'

The influence of concept mapping on reading comprehension of high school EFL learners in Iran ' in 2017'

New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing

بررسی انتقادی دو دهه تحقیق در زمینه نوآوری و خلاقیت در دانش آموزان و دانشجویان: یافته ها و کاستی ها ' in 2017'

Iran and World New Researches in Psychology and Educational Sciences

Foreign Language Learning Motivation and Demotivation in Iranian Context: A Critical Review ' in 2017'

دومین همایش ملی آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی در ایران

The Effect of Using Scoring Rubrics on the Listening Comprehension Performance of Iranian Extroverted and Introverted EFL Learners ' in 2016'

4th International Conference on Modern Researches in Humanities

Collaborative vs. Non-Collaborative Feedback and EFL Learners’ Written Accuracy: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective ' in 2016'

چهارمین کنفرانس پژوهش های کاربردی در مطالعات زبان

Podcasts in Language Learning and Teaching: A State-of-the-Art Article ' in 2016'

کنگره بین المللی زبان و ادبیات

تغییر و اصلاح برنامه درسی ایران با نگاه به رویکردهای نوین به برنامه درسی در جهان ' in 2016'

دومین کنفرانس سراسری دانش و فناوری علوم تربیتی, مطالعات اجتماعی و روانشناسی ایران

Iranian EFL Learners and Teachers’ Conceptualization on Academic Success and falilure ' in 2015'

نخستین همایش ملی «آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی در ایران»

book in 2014

English Book for the students of Arabic literature

Publisher : سخن گستر