The Effect of Multimedia Texts Presented on Interactive Whiteboards on Iranian High School EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Performance ' in 2016'

Evaluation of EFL Teachers Opinions about Online In-Service Teacher Training Programs in Iran ' in 2016'

Teachers’ Assessment Literacy and Its Correlation with IELTS Students’ Achievement in Writing Skill ' in 2016'

The Greatness of Nahj al-Balagha and the Words of Imam Ali from the Perspective of Modern Christian Figures ' in 2016'

The Effect of Lexical Inferencing on the Vocabulary Learning and Reading Comprehension of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners ' in 2016'

A Psychological Reading of J. D. Salinger’s For Esme with Love and Squalor ' in 2016'

A Review Study of the Position of Ideological Instruments in Postcolonial Criticism ' in 2016'

A Study of Underlexicalization in Zoya Pirzad’s Novel We Will Get Used to It ' in 2016'

The Effect of the Online Dynamic Assessment of University Students’ Writing Electronic Portfolios on Micro-Componential Writing Ability ' in 2016'

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Applying Different Interventions to Teach Writing to Students with Disabilities: A Review Study ' in 2016'

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The Impact of Implementing the Tenth Chapter of the Civil Services Management Law of Salary and Benefits on Human Resources Productivity in Certain Public Organizations in Sabzevar, Iran ' in 2015'

A macro-level error analysis of Iranian undergraduate EFL learners’ performance on writing tasks ' in 2015'

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Robert Browning: A Dramatic Monologue Marvel ' in 2015'

A Comparative Study of Anti-Colonialism in Ma‘ruf al-Rusafi’s and Farokhi Yazdi’s Poetry ' in 2015'

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the Choice of Reading Strategies of Iranian EFL Learners ' in 2015'

A Macro-level Error Analysis of Iranian Undergraduate EFL Learners’ Performance on Writing Tasks ' in 2015'

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The effect of Iranian students’ English language proficiency in writing on composing in Persian ' in 2014'

A Comparative Postcolonial Reading of the Social Views of Chinua Achebe, Mirzadeh Eshghi, and Ma‘ruf al-Rusafi ISC ' in 2014'

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The Role of Faults in the Medical Community\'s Civil Liability ISC ' in 2014'

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Obligation in favour of the third party in the Iranian legal system ' in 2013'

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دومین همایش ملّی «آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی درایران»

A Survey of English Literature I by Amrollah Abjadian: A Checklist-Based Evaluative Study ' in 2017'

دومین همایش ملّی «آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی درایران»

Selecting Literary Texts to Teach English in Iran: The Literary Canon and the Literary Experience of the Teacher ' in 2015'

نخستین همایش ملّی «آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی درایران»

The Stimulation and Development of Literature Appreciation and Language Proficiency through Collaborative and Interactive Activities among Iranian Students ' in 2015'

نخستین همایش ملّی «آسیب شناسی آموزش زبان های خارجی درایران»

book in 2005

English for the Students of Arabic Language and Literature 2

Publisher : تهران - انتشارات ثار الله

book in 2004

English for the Students of Arabic Language and Literature 1

Publisher : تهران - انتشارات ثار الله

book in 2001

راهنمای خواندن و درک مفاهیم 1: مجموعه تستهای 4 گزینه ای

Publisher : انتشارات ناقوس - تهران