Welcome to the homepage for the Modern Concrete Technology Group at Hakim Sabzevari University led by Dr. Hamid Eskandari-Naddaf. This group is established in order to undertake fundamental researches about various aspects of cement and concrete elements both in experimental and analytical approaches applying innovative knowledge in cement and concrete related fields. We have a strong interest in advance concrete technology, fracture mechanics of concrete, application of acoustic emission in concrete structures, ferrocement technology, Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), corrosion of reinforced concrete, prediction of cement and concrete characteristics, and optimization of concrete structures.

In the future, the group is aimed to collaborate with local and international established research institutes in the field of concrete technology and its wide-ranging valuable issues. Such efforts, we believe, can be very beneficial and might be further encouraged.

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From Left: A. Khalvati, A. Madadi, A. Ghanei, T. Korouzhdeh, Dr. Hamid Eskandari-Naddaf, Mr. Rokhsati, B. Nezam Doust, M. Azimi-Pour, M. Divandari, A. Ziaei Nia, A. Ziaei Nia, R. Kazemi, A. Izadi